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Our company name speaks for what we as a team stand for. Through our service, we strive to renew to your living space.  We look to provide you a sense of cleanliness and peace. Much more than providing you with a clean living environment, we look forward to taking on timely tasks and opening your schedule to make memories with the family, explore your hobbies and interest, or simply rest and relax.

Our goal is to provide excellent cleaning service accompanied by great customer service. Beyond providing great service, one of our top priorities is safety. At renew cleaning solutions, we can guarantee that we will not send someone to service your home that we would not allow into our own home, around our child, or pets. By selecting Renew Cleaning Solutions, you can take pride that you more than likely have helped to fund the employment of a working parent. This business was, at its core, created not only to provide a high-quality service but as a platform to give working parents the opportunity to work flexible hours so that they too can spend time with their family, hence our operating hours. We provide industry competitive wages and a supportive, caring, and interpersonal work environment for our service providers.

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Move In / Move Out

Standard Services

Wipe off surfaces including washer and dryer. Vacuuming and mopping where applicable.

Living Room | Dining Room

Dust off fixtures, frames, mirrors, and furniture. Vacuuming and mopping if applicable.


Dust off window sills and baseboards. Cleaning of frames, mirrors, bedside nightstands, and other furniture in the room. Sheets will be changed on beds if clean linen is left on beds. Vacuuming and mopping where applicable.

Laundry Room

Clean and disinfect all countertops, surfaces, and small appliances. Vacuuming and mopping where applicable.


Cleaning/disinfecting of all countertops, surfaces, and small appliances. Vacuuming and mopping where applicable.

Gift Cards

Renew Cleaning Solutions gift certificates give your loved one the irreplaceable gift of time and are perfect for:

  • Real Estate- a perfect gift from real estate agents to new home buyers. Gift them the time to enjoy their new home.
  • Baby shower- a gift for expecting parents. Gift them the time to spend tending to their new baby.
  • Mothers Day- gift mom the time to focus on herself, family, and loved ones.
  • Wedding gift- gift a bride and groom the time to enjoy their new journey together.
  • Christmas gift- gift your family the time to focus on each other during the holiday season.
  • Birthday gift- gift someone the time to enjoy their birthday, the start of a new age and new season in life.


How do I prepare my house to be cleaned?

Please remove clutter so all surfaces can be efficiently cleaned.  Secondly, you will need to find a safe space for your pets so they will be comfortable during the service.  Lastly please leave clean sheets on the beds if we will be changing your linens.

How do we pay?

Please leave cash or check on the kitchen counter. Our service providers can also take payment via debit/credit card on site.

Can you clean without someone on site?

Yes!  We will need to provide either a garage code or spare key for us to access.  If you are not comfortable, please make sure someone is home during the scheduled arrival time.  We will lockup on our way out.

What are your hours of operation?

Monday- Friday: 8am-5pm
Saturday: As needed-8am-12pm services
Sunday: Closed

What if I need to cancel an appointment?

Every appointment reservation has a $50 down payment fee that will be applied to your total cost upon service completion. In order to recoup the $50 fee, a 48-hour cancellation notice is required for. Rescheduling is available during cancellation.

What type of services are not included in the standard cleaning?

Any type of repair, installations, damage restoration, home improvement, painting, landscaping. Shampooing carpets or carpet stain removal. Cleaning of porches, patios, windows (window washing).

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